For individuals and small businesses

Is reliable and secure communication over the Internet important to you? PrivaSphere Secure Messaging is the solution to protect your online communications. With PrivaSphere Secure Messaging you can send your e-mails and documents securely over the internet. Misroutings are excluded. Without the need to install software or hardware - instantly and securely.

6 reasons for PrivaSphere SecureMail

  • Easy to handle
  • No installation
  • Integration into existing e-mail program
  • No investment
  • Spam-free communication
  • Manage your trust relationships



  • Digitally signed receipts (certified) - by third parties unforgeable on the way from the sender to the receiver
  • No installation of hardware, software or digital keys necessary
  • Anyone can safely send messages - directly through PrivaSphere Secure Messaging
  • PrivaSphere Secure Messaging can be integrated into all common e-mail programs like Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird, Windows Mail... or any mail programm on your mobile phone. 
  • ASP infrastructure and operation with high availability in a sec
  • ASP infrastructure and operation with high service availability in a secure Swiss data center. Verified by recognized safety specialists (cnlab).
  • PrivaSphere Secure Messaging is cost-effective and can be used for both consumption and subscription purposes.


Register and send your first secure emails for free!

Safer, faster and cheaper than transmission with conventional mail.
First transmission platform with Federal recognition acc. EVwVG regulation (SR 172.041.1).

Specific needs

  • Available everywhere
  • Data in Switzerland
  • ISO 27'001: 2013 certified
  • Out of the box
  • No installation (HW / SW)
  • Secure availability (form)